For over a decade we have been pursuing our passion of telling your stories.

Through imagery we have mastered the art of highlighting the beauty in all that’s ordinary and portraying the wonder in all that’s extra-ordinary.

It gives us great satisfaction to record your family milestones, your work achievements and your passions. It is an honour to be entrusted with such a great responsibility.

Our professional photography and cinematography teams are trained to cater specifically to your demands.

Luminism has expanded to become the “Go to” solution for all your photographic and cinematographic needs.

Luminism Corporate

Our goal is to make your Job easier, with corporate packages that cover everything from employee portraits to projects and events coverage. Our team is trained to make your professional life look its best.

With Luminism Corporate, your business is our inspiration.


Studio Portraits/Outdoor Portraits/Group Portraits/Headshots/ Environmental Portraits

Business in Action – The Editorial Shot

Filmmaking (short documentary film about your business/Online Ads)

Luminism Trends

Styling the world into pictures is our specialty; we can take your business and passions to the next level. We can make people crave the plates you offer in a glimpse, we can create a trend out of your fashion in one photo-shoot, we can attract customers to your real estate by showing them the beauty of its architecture and interiors and we can reveal your advertising in the best light possible to guarantee traction to your products.

At Luminism Trends our aim is to trend your innovations and put them on the map through irresistible imagery that will make consumers crave whatever you have to offer.

At Luminism Trends, through imagery we put your brands under the spot light.

– Services:

Architecture & Interiors

Food & Hospitality

Fashion & Lifestyle

Filmmaking (online advertisements)

Luminism Life

There are a few indescribable seconds in your life that deserve to be kept forever. Our Job is to make that possible and store the beauty of those memories in photos and videos so that you can always look back and relive the same happiness.

With Luminism Life you get to make the most valuable investment of all; an investment in your memories.


kids & Family


Weddings & Engagements

Filmmaking (short documentary film about your family)